Xiaomi Mi Band 3 ORI Smart Bracelet Smartwatch Miband 3 Miband3

Rp 444.950 Rp 177.950

Xiaomi Mi Band 3: Specs
Pedometer and sleep tracker
0.78in OLED touchscreen
24.7cm wristband, wearable length 155-216mm
Waterproof to 5ATM
heart-rate scanner
Bluetooth 4.2
110mAh battery (20-day life)
20g (11g band, 9g tracker)
compatible with Android 4.4+/iOS 9.0+

Review (sumber https://www”techadvisor”co”uk/review/activity-t…;

Xiaomi’s Mi Band 3 is a fitness band with the ability to track exercise (steps taken, distance moved, calories burned), sleep (deep, light and total sleep) and heart rate (automatic or manual), over the past day, week or month. You can track fitness data in the free Mi Fit app, and the Mi Band 3 can additionally hook into Google Fit.

One of its biggest draws – aside from the low price – is incredibly long battery life. Though your exact mileage will vary dependent on how many notifications you receive, the 110mAh battery inside (up from 70mAh in Mi Band 2) can easily last 20 days before needing a recharge. And when it does drain down, you can get it back up to 100 percent in just a little over an hour.